a creek show 2023 installation by Greco Works

Please take a moment to enjoy the prose, poetry, and babbling.


A collection of 14 Poems Written by DeShauna Hollie

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Representing a wide range of spoken word within our community, nine different languages are featured within the installation.

  • Afrikaans

  • English

  • Farsi

  • French

  • German

  • Korean

  • Miskito

  • Russian

  • Spanish


Thank you to the following people who helped make Babble come to life:

14 Poems Written by:
DeShauna Hollie
Readings and Translations by:
Christiaan van der Merwe - Afrikaans
DeShauna Hollie - English
Mahyar Hosseini - Farsi
Kirsten Graber - French
Cindy Jones - German
Kyunglim Nam - Korean
Noel Ponce Pedro - Miskito
Yerbol Akhmetbekov - Russian
Fernando Arroyo - Spanish
Babble Introduction Poem Written by:
Mahyar Hosseini
Additional Prose and Readings by:
Luke Mitchell
Vocal Samples by:
Lucas Greco
Monte Holman
Reeve Hunter
Eleanor Lewis
Vivian Cadwell
Miscellaneous Sounds by:
Margot Cadwell
Elijah LeBlanc
Bea Holman
Additional Thanks:
Ruth Boardman-Alexander
Barbara Bridgewater
Carl Cadwell
Tiffany Greco
KJ Mikulencak


The heads are made of many common construction materials, such as roofing panels and plywood. Most pieces were fabricated using a CNC machine, and started life as a digital model.

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